I just discovered the phenomenally authentic and brilliant Brené Brown this spring. She has a PhD in social work and became fascinated by connection as it seemed to her that a lack of this contributed to personal pain. This led her to research that in turn, led to her aha that it is a willingness to be vulnerable that is at the root of true connectedness. And since most of us don’t want to be hurt or rejected, it is very hard to be truly vulnerable. In addition, if we do not believe ourselves worthy of being loved, then we don’t want to show our full authentic self, because we believe that the other will reject us if they know who we really are.

At my retirement party last month, my amazing sweetheart said that the essence of Kellie Garrett is that she gives others the safety to be vulnerable. I had never heard a description of myself that resonated so deeply. I’ve heard “real”, “open”, etc., but not that. And so I would like to explore becoming certified in Brené Brown’s methodology in order to incorporate her teachings in my coaching and leadership work, because I believe that we would all have a much better chance of realizing our own potential and feeling connected if we took the leap to be vulnerable – at home, at work and everywhere we are – which means truly showing up as we are: imperfectly perfect being no one else but ourselves.

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