I left my corporate job two years and almost two months ago. I’ve had lots of fun, time to travel and ferry my father to radiation treatments halfway across the country in Montreal, play in my garden and nurture a growing consulting and coaching business. I’m volunteering on several boards and speaking at events. Even with all of this activity, I still have a nagging feeling that I’m not accomplishing enough.  Apparently, my constant drive to be productive – honed by 20 years in fast-paced executive jobs – hasn’t gone away. I still wonder at how I haven’t written a book yet, or learned calligraphy.

It’s simple really. I’ve lost focus. I start each day pretty well – meditation, a strong coffee, a journal and my cat purring in my lap. Coffee with my husband, who is a late riser. And then organizing my day and week, a meandering gander through emails, writing strategies or speeches. None of it at a breakneck speed. I got so thrilled with so much unstructured time that I took on a zillion things. I was reminded of this when I saw a great article today.

I remember seeing Robin Sharma about 15 years ago here in Regina, Saskatchewan when we hired him to come and talk to all our managers about leadership.

Here’s a link to a great article he wrote about productivity. It’s basically about focus …


One of the things that he recommends is spending the next 90 days spending the first 90 minutes of your work day on the single most important thing that you dream of or want to accomplish.

I’m going to do that. See you in 90 days :)