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Six months of freedom

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Last week marked six months since I left my crazy executive job. In my last post, I shared my three words for 2014 (chosen in lieu of New Year’s Resolutions). Freedom, inner peace and wellness. On the freedom front, I have continued to stay true to what feeds my soul and have said no to several opportunities.…

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3 words for 2014

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014. Another year, another set of New Year’s Resolutions. Instead of multiple ones, Chris Brogan says to choose three words that will define your focus for the year (follow link to see article). Since I’ve been a long-winded critter in the past, and had more than I could possibly attain, I decided to give…

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“Explosive exertion”: Exercise tip from my evil personal trainer

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Exactly three weeks ago, I left corporate life. Since a long-time goal of mine was to get in shape and lose weight, I decided to hire a personal trainer. I certainly have enough time! As with all things Kellie, I dove in with enthusiasm and complete faith that I can do this. After four sessions, I just feel porky and…

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