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Time, sweet time

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It’s March already and it roared in like a cranky polar bear. It was minus 56 with the wind chill on March 1st. Today is March 4th and it’s snowed all day. Beautiful fluffy flakes, but I’d rather sink bare toes into warm sand than socks and boots. My escape from corporate life occurred seven months…

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Six months of freedom

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Last week marked six months since I left my crazy executive job. In my last post, I shared my three words for 2014 (chosen in lieu of New Year’s Resolutions). Freedom, inner peace and wellness. On the freedom front, I have continued to stay true to what feeds my soul and have said no to several opportunities.…

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Longing vs ambition: Feeding your soul or feeding ego

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Photo: copyright D.W. 2013Evening JourneyNear Montefiridolfi, Tuscany I have been a huge fan of poet David Whyte for years. Whyte offers profound insights on the nature of being human and tapping into the soul‘s call. Lately, I’ve been coaching and mentoring folks who are trying to heed…

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