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Celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela

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Like most of the world, I have been mourning and celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela, Madiba, Tata. He is widely known for the following profound quote, penned by Marianne Williamson:Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our…

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What it takes to be great. Surprise, surprise – it’s not talent.

I think the author is correct in asserting that hard work makes the difference. I think that building from your strengths and talents is just as vital :) Originally posted on HR Inner Circle: For most people, work is hard enough without trying to make it harder. But the difference between ordinary and…

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Longing vs ambition: Feeding your soul or feeding ego

Posted In: Retirement

Photo: copyright D.W. 2013Evening JourneyNear Montefiridolfi, Tuscany I have been a huge fan of poet David Whyte for years. Whyte offers profound insights on the nature of being human and tapping into the soul‘s call. Lately, I’ve been coaching and mentoring folks who are trying to heed…

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