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Brene Brown TED Talk - The Art of Connection Requires True Vulnerability

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I just discovered the phenomenally authentic and brilliant Brené Brown this spring. She has a PhD in social work and became fascinated by connection as it seemed to her that a lack of this contributed to personal pain. This led her to research that in turn, led to her aha that it is a willingness to be…

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Time is of no consequence

Day 5 of freedom from corporate life. I don’t have a laptop or an electronic calendar yet, so I feel like my right arm is missing. (Or maybe the other arm because I’m left-handed.) I’ve taken to carrying around a small monthly planner since I double booked myself with my grown kid and a women…

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On idealism, high standards and a questing soul

I met a wonderful young woman a couple of years ago through work. She’s in her late thirties, has a two-year-old, a marriage, and an executive job, and all the stress that goes with this scenario. She’s driven and has a questing soul. Is this enough? She wonders. Do I want too much? (And no, I’m not…

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