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Goodbye David Bowie - a shining example of realizing potential

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David Bowie has left planet earth. I remember listening to his Ziggy Stardust album in university over and over. I thought he was brilliant. He was a shining example of someone who realized his potential. In true Bowie style, he created a video to accompany his send-off from life. RIP, Mr. Bowie. You are in our hearts.…

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Template for time tracking

Posted In: New Years Resolutions, Productivity, Goals task list pdf.jpg I started my business two years ago, and I'm still struck by how time flies away. I have recurring tasks as well as fun things that I don't always get to. I seem to say yes to pretty well every request I receive, especially on the volunteer front. I am…

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Vision boards

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  Happy New Year! I'm a big fan of vision boards, and I'm going to build a new one this weekend. If you'd like to make one quickly (and for free!), visit, where you can see the one I just made. I prefer the old-fashioned cut and paste images and text…

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