Leadership, culture and employee engagement

If you’re interested in strengthening employee engagement and designing an inspiring internal culture at your organization, you need to start with your executive team. I offer leadership consulting to help diagnose systemic issues and equip CEOs and executives to shift how managers at all levels interact with employees to achieve results.


Business Strategy & Enterprise Risk Management

Does your business strategy sit on a shelf or does it guide how you make decisions, allocate resources and lead your teams? Tired of strategic planning sessions that consist of filling in boxes? Want to challenge the status quo? I am practiced at holding sessions that are about strategic thinking, that is, pondering where you want your organization to be 5-10 years from now and having difficult conversations about its true strengths, underlying strategic assumptions and enterprise risks. The result? A succinct strategy that everyone understands and that drives stellar business results.


Governance & Board Effectiveness 

As a Certified Director (ICD.D), I offer training sessions for Boards on various topics. These are a few examples:

  • Creating a constructive culture in the boardroom
  • The role of the Board in business strategy and enterprise risk management
  • Effective governance
  • Board evaluations

Presentations to Executive Teams

I deliver presentations to executive teams on diverse issues and engage them in dialogue to elevate the execution of strategic initiatives at their organizations. Here is a sampling of topics:

  • Tough love: how increased employee engagement allows you to demand more from employees and boosts business results
  • Why change management can’t be delegated: the role of executive sponsors in leading change
  • Enhancing communication at the executive table … and in the meetings after the meetings
  • Your employees know more than you think: how executive politics trump business strategy and drive the real priorities