Last week marked six months since I left my crazy executive job. In my last post, I shared my three words for 2014 (chosen in lieu of New Year’s Resolutions). Freedom, inner peace and wellness.

On the freedom front, I have continued to stay true to what feeds my soul and have said no to several opportunities. It’s weird to pass up financially appealing initiatives. But man, is it freeing! While on the phone exploring something, I usually feel like I shouldn’t say no. Then I tap into my innver voice and the answer is usually verrrrry clear. So I say thank you and it’s not right for me and that’s it. I get off the phone. There is no “I’ll think about it.” (I learned that the hard way.) And there’s no head space occupied. I’m free.

I am writing two books – one fiction and one on how to get out of your own way in the workplace. And a friend of mine who is a poet and an artist is travelling with me next week to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico to an international writers’ retreat. My favourite author and poet David Whyte will be there and I get to go to TWO workshops with him. Yahoooooo!!! I am pinching myself.

I hired a firm here (Phoenix Group) to create a visual identity for my business and build a website. (I discovered I have no patience for the latter.) I can’t get over how excited I was to see the first designs. Definitely feeding my soul.

On the inner peace front, there is much work to do. I haven’t started meditating, however, I am writing quite faithfully in my journal, including areas of gratitude. Our house renos are almost done, and having less commotion and noise will definitely help it feel, well, peaceful.

On the wellness front, I have been a ROCK STAR. I entered the Gold’s Gym 12-week fitness challenge (see more on my facebook page Diet Conquest and new twitter account @DietConquest). I am now seeing Jared the personal trainer three times a week, going to the gym whenever I don’t see him for elliptical or treadmill work, eating clean, steering clear of wine 5-6 days a week (HEROIC discipline required here) and going to Weight Watchers. I am baffled to say that I have only lost three pounds. How is that even possible? I have never, ever been this consistently well behaved. Jared says it’s because (a) I have more muscle, and (b) I’m not eating enough calories. I snorted at that one. Anyway, I am plugging away and I feel fantastic. Not during the workouts. I feel like a porky, aging non-rock star then.

So life is good. Stay tuned.