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Autism, embracing differences, and world peace

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Last week, the grandmother of a child with autism received a hate-filled letter that went so far as suggesting euthanasia. Horrific. How can people think these things? I was asked to respond, and my son Connor was featured at work. This thrilled him to no end. “Am I famous?” he asked. Connor doesn’t…

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“Explosive exertion”: Exercise tip from my evil personal trainer

Posted In: Health & Wellness

Exactly three weeks ago, I left corporate life. Since a long-time goal of mine was to get in shape and lose weight, I decided to hire a personal trainer. I certainly have enough time! As with all things Kellie, I dove in with enthusiasm and complete faith that I can do this. After four sessions, I just feel porky and…

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My mug gracing Pink magazine cover

Pink magazine is published in Saskatchewan every month and there’s an article about my journey as an accidental executive. Very honoured to be featured :)

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