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Vision boards

Posted In: New Years Resolutions, Goals

  Happy New Year! I'm a big fan of vision boards, and I'm going to build a new one this weekend. If you'd like to make one quickly (and for free!), visit, where you can see the one I just made. I prefer the old-fashioned cut and paste images and text…

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10 Signs You’re A Frankenboss

This is a wonderful article to ponder, whether you’re a new or a seasoned boss… Originally posted on: Frankenboss – noun; 1. A mean boss that terrorizes his or her employees; 2. A boss whose behavior closely resembles that of a half-brained monster; 3. A jerk. With yesterday being…

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Robin Sharma on productivity

Posted In: Freedom

I left my corporate job two years and almost two months ago. I’ve had lots of fun, time to travel and ferry my father to radiation treatments halfway across the country in Montreal, play in my garden and nurture a growing consulting and coaching business. I’m volunteering on several boards and speaking at…

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