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O’ mindfulness, wilt thou be mine?

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Usually, a new year fills me with the zeal to create a vision board, filled with resolutions and many aspirations. I sat at my computer last week and felt numb. Nothing I wrote fed my soul. So unlike me. (Or maybe not.) So I set it aside – physically and mentally. In the background, my mind tried to process what…

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The role of hope in educating my son with autism

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Here is a speech I gave this month to educators and community service agencies on the role of hope in raising our son with autism. With support from a social worker and his anxious parents, Connor will be moving into his own apartment next month, an unbelievable feat.Connor with his new Godzilla shower curtain Connor…

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“Youth Is Wasted On The Young”

“Youth Is Wasted On The Young”. Musings from an old soul, who is a young woman :)

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