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Archive: Apr 2014

Letting go is easier said than done

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Last week, I found out about a wholesale restructuring where I used to work. Well I guess I didn’t just work there. I lived and breathed the place. I poured into it my passion and workaholic tendencies, and idealism and zeal to help people realize their potential. I took things way too seriously at times. Peers…

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Must Trust be Earned?

I love the concept and practice of trust. This is a great article. Originally posted on: I start out all my trust seminars by asking the audience to define trust. I enjoy watching the faces of the people as they wrestle with the challenge.Clearly, trust is a word that we all use on a daily basis. We all know what it…

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World Autism Awareness Day and grown son

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Today is World Autism Awareness Day and being observed around the world, with buildings as famous as the Eiffel Tower lit up blue to bring attention to this issue. My son Connor is now 21. He was diagnosed at age 4 with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Non-Specified (PDD-NOS). A terrifying mouthful for the young…

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