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Mentoring – a life practice

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I just gave a speech on mentoring to a group here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada that I thought I’d share with you :) Mentoring – a life practice Luncheon speech by Kellie Garrett, March 21, 2014 to Mentors & Protégés, Edwards School of Business Mentorship Program, University…

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The Knife of Perception through the Heart of Intent

Alas, perception is reality for the beholder, and so many human dramas are played out as a result. Most are not as high stakes as Elian’s, but all of us could be more open to how we are perceiving our own issues and those occurring in the world.

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Time, sweet time

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It’s March already and it roared in like a cranky polar bear. It was minus 56 with the wind chill on March 1st. Today is March 4th and it’s snowed all day. Beautiful fluffy flakes, but I’d rather sink bare toes into warm sand than socks and boots. My escape from corporate life occurred seven months…

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